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Gipeco Dipex 5L

Gipeco Dipex 5L
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Polish Remover

A highly efficient polish remover for easy and safe dissolving of tough coatings with many layers of polish of any type. For efficient removal of polish at restoring of floors. Low pH. Does not cause discolouration on floors. Approved for linoleum floors.

pH value

ca 10 in concentrate
ca 9.9 in working solution (10%)

Polish Remover

For efficient removal of polish at restoring of floors. Highly suitable for removal of tough polish coatings with many layers of polish and for removal of polyurethane polish.

Product properties 
Dipex dissolves efficiently tough coatings with many layers of old polish and of polyurethane polish. Dipex is also efficient against greasy dirt. Efficiently dissolves protective paraffin coatings on new rubber floors. Dipex has a low pH value and does not cause discolouration. Suitable for use on linoleum floors without damaging the floor.

 0.5-1 litre per 9 litres of cold water.
 In especially difficult cases and for many layers: 1 litre per 4 litres of cold water.
• For removal of polyurethane polish: 1 litre per 2 litres of cold water. 

Instructions for use 
Apply the working solution over small areas to prevent drying and leave to act for 10-15 minutes. Scour thoroughly with a low-speed single disc machine and a coarse disc pad. Work with a scouring block in places inaccessible for the machine. Remove the dirty solution immediately with a wet vacuum cleaner! In difficult cases and for many layers of polish, it may be necessary to repeat the removal process several times until the floor is polish-free. Rinse the scoured areas immediately – two times with clean warm water. Remove the rinsing water as quickly as possible – use a wet vacuum cleaner. The floor shall have a neutral pH value, check using a pH stick. Leave the floor to dry well before performing the base, top and surface treatment.

Avoid contact with painted surfaces.

Product information/Protection regulations 
See the material safety data sheet.

Store in a cool place or at room temperature. The storage stability is at least 2 years in unopened packaging.

Transport packaging 
3x5 litres in a cardboard box.


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